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The execution of Troy Davis – when will this end?

This post is not about social media.  This is a post in support of Troy Davis and his family.

When I was 14, 24 years ago, a documentary called ‘14 Days In May‘ had a profound and lasting effect on me.  I was only 14 at the time and it opened my eyes to the reality of absolute injustice: that it existed, that no-one seemed to care about the facts, that those involved in implementing the death penalty appeared more concerned with defending their right to do so, than with the rights of Edward Earl Johnson.  I sobbed as I watched it.  I felt that surely this powerful documentary would prevent these kinds of travesties of justice from ever happening again.  But of course it didn’t.  Shame on you Georgia.

Massive respect to Amnesty International and Democracy Now for their sterling work, trying to raise awareness of Troy’s case, and other similar cases. Surely in another 24 years a supposedly democratic socieity won’t still be metering out this kind of ‘justice’.

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It’s been a while

Another of those ubiquitous posts where blogger apologises for lack of posts, puts it down to pressure of work, time spent on Twitter etc.  Anyway, lots going on as always.  Particularly interesting:

  1. The launch of Twitter Partners was heralded with much excitement by the mainstream media. Most of the giddyness was down to the agency's incredibly well connected and influential backers but I'm still perplexed at how much attention it was given.  Companies that help brands or individuals engage on Twitter are hardly new.  Also interesting that it was initially linked to Twitter itself (adding credibility) but this was quickly denied on the official Twitter blog.
  2. The power of the digital network was demonstrated once again as Susan Boyle burst onto the radar via Britain's Got Talent.  Will it prove to be the most popular YouTube video ever?  Certainly Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's tweets about her demonstrate the incredible influence they have to direct traffic to specific content.  It's worth watching the video for the moment when you see the $$$ signs in Cowell's eyes.
  3. And finally a moan – I'm seeing more and more people moaning about ads on Spotify.  Come on people, get a grip, it's brilliant, it's dead easy to use and it's free, does the occasional ad really matter?

Mumbai and the power of microblogging

The horrendous events in Mumbai prove once again that just when you thought you'd seen the worse of terrorism, you haven't.  But sitting at home on my sofa, shocked by the brutality of it all, I was sucked into the power of breaking news on Twitter. Watching tweets come in from those at the scene witnessing it, was both powerful and humbling.  And a service like hashtags makes it so easy to follow the stream of a particular story.  I honestly can't see how mainstream media can compete with the immediacy of this – they really need to incorporate it into their own news reporting or they'll just be left behind.

Deported for filming in China

And while we’re all still reeling from the epic opening ceremony, there are still plenty of tales to carry on the debate as to whether China should even be hosting the Olympics.  Blogger and Twitter devotee noneck has been deported for filming protesters in tiananmen square and posting the video on qik. 

The best headline ever

Well it is isn’t it.