I will teach my children about Steve Jobs

Desperately sad news about Steve Jobs.  I can’t add anything insightful to the millions of tributes that are being shared today.  But I had to post in complete respect for a man who changed everything.

This morning I tried to explain the significance of his passing to my 10 year old.  He has never known a world without the technology for which Jobs was responsible. To him it’s part of the fabric of everything.  When he and his brother are a bit older I will sit them down in front of the famous Stanford commencement speech.  I want them to understand why Jobs was so important and I want them to live with that advice ringing in their ears: to grab life with both hands, to jump into it, to not waste precious time doing something they’re not passionate about.

He gave us so much more than tech.

3 Responses to “I will teach my children about Steve Jobs”

  1. Will McInnes says:

    Bloody lovely idea. Nice one Katie.

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks Will.

  3. Rob Thurner says:

    Completely agree. I walked my 10 year old daughter to school this morning and tried to explain what he gave to the world, to business people to families.

    I train marketers on mobile marketing for a living. Steve Jobs and his creations are core to most of what I share with the hundreds of people I’m in front of every month. Apple unlocked the potential of mobile to transform businesses and the lives of consumers round the world.

    My kids love their iPods, they love my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. We’re indebted Steve Jobs for the immense pleasure he’s brought into our home, for the music, games, photography and learning his inventions have enabled.

    Couldn’t manage to say all that to my daughter in our 10 minute walk to school. I will show her this speech.

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