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The execution of Troy Davis – when will this end?

This post is not about social media.  This is a post in support of Troy Davis and his family.

When I was 14, 24 years ago, a documentary called ‘14 Days In May‘ had a profound and lasting effect on me.  I was only 14 at the time and it opened my eyes to the reality of absolute injustice: that it existed, that no-one seemed to care about the facts, that those involved in implementing the death penalty appeared more concerned with defending their right to do so, than with the rights of Edward Earl Johnson.  I sobbed as I watched it.  I felt that surely this powerful documentary would prevent these kinds of travesties of justice from ever happening again.  But of course it didn’t.  Shame on you Georgia.

Massive respect to Amnesty International and Democracy Now for their sterling work, trying to raise awareness of Troy’s case, and other similar cases. Surely in another 24 years a supposedly democratic socieity won’t still be metering out this kind of ‘justice’.

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