Yesterday I fell in love

Not once but over and over again.

I’m at Thinking Digital in Newcastle, a 2 day conference of ideas, culture and technology; yesterday was day one and by the end of it, I’d given away my heart.  Before I explain who was the object of my affections, I know that hearing about someone else’s experience of a conference can be similar to listening to them re-tell a dream; to them it blew their mind, to you it’s fairly inconsequential but this was a dream of passion and love so bear with me.

I don’t go to many conferences or events, a lot of them seem to regurgitate the same content, trotting out the same speakers.  But year after year I kept hearing fantastic things about Thinking Digital from people I respect and admire.

Which is why, yesterday, I found myself in the Sage being carried away on a tide of incredible people and falling head over heels. Scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, all with stories or projects that left you longing for more. Steven BathicheErin McKean, Conrad Wolfram, Nancy Duarte, Dan Lyons, Maryanne Hobbs, Heather Knight… I won’t even attempt to explain what they each talked about, I couldn’t possibly do them justice.

Herb Kim has managed a rare feat with Thinking Digital, the word ‘inspired’ is used to death these days but there is no other word that adequately describes the way Thinking Digital makes you feel.  The speakers are people who draw you completely into their particular passion; you want to hear more, learn more, absorb yourself into their world.

Hence the falling in love thing…

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