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A new chapter with a dramatic twist

Exciting times.

I’ve just become a shareholder and director in Pyjama Drama, a fantastic company that offers drama, movement and creative play classes to two – seven year olds.  A bit of a departure from what I’ve been doing until now?  Well yes and no.  I’ve always loved drama and although I didn’t take it any further than A-level, I’m completely convinced of the value that children get out of learning drama skills; namely creativity, communication and confidence. I should probably make it absolutely clear, that this isn’t about teaching children how to become a ‘star’ a la Britain’s Got Talent, it’s about helping them to develop their creativity and imagination.

Pyjama Drama has been going a couple of years and has 11 franchises across the UK.  There is an absolute ton of potential and it’s really exciting to come onboard and help grow and shape the business.  As we’re still effectively a start-up and everything will be ploughed back into the company, I will be carrying on with my other work for now and dividing my time between the two.  Hopefully some of my pr and social media skills will help us to raise the profile of the business.

I’ll still be keeping this blog running but do have a look at Pyjama Drama, (we’ll be giving the site a complete overhaul very soon) and if you know anyone who has drama skills and is looking for a new venture, then send them our way.

Where were you when?

The UK has been a strange place to be over the last week.  No-one could have predicted the bizarre turn of events that saw Cameron and Clegg shake hands on the steps of Number 10 before going in together to make a start on running the country.

And while it didn’t turn out to be the ‘social media election’ that was originally predicted, the constant hum from twitter and blogs has, for me and I’m sure many others, provided a fascinating additional layer of commentary, opinion and wit.

In the tech/social media world, there has been just as much going on.  Rather than try and pull it all together into one post, I’ve gone for more of a listing, highlighting some of the more interesting stuff.

So in the future when people ask you, “where were you when?” you will probably be able to tell them down to the exact spot.