A very bad week for PR

Oh dear, dear me.  It's been a shocking week for the PR industry.

First we get a PR firm revealed as giving their clients positive reviews in the app store, then we get the PR spammers  who don't understand the basics about how to send an email (although to be fair the offender has subsequently set up a blog to 'learn' from the experience).

This morning respected entrepreneur Loic Le Meur blasted the PR industry wholesale and although there are some wild generalisations in his piece, much of what he says is fair comment.  And to round it off we have PR agencies sending 7MB attachments to journalists. 

It's just shoddy.  There's no excuse for any of this.  It's not brain surgery people, it's PR.  

Pr fail 

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  1. Dirk Singer says:

    Hi Katie,
    I have to say that I agree with one of the comments on Beth Brody’s site that sometimes the counter reaction has a bit of a “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!” tone about it.
    However, I guess the point is that, unfortunately for her, Beth became something of a lightening rod for all the accumulated frustrations that people in the media have with our industry. Looking at it that way it shows that we do have a bit of a reputational mountain to climb.

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