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A very bad week for PR

Oh dear, dear me.  It's been a shocking week for the PR industry.

First we get a PR firm revealed as giving their clients positive reviews in the app store, then we get the PR spammers  who don't understand the basics about how to send an email (although to be fair the offender has subsequently set up a blog to 'learn' from the experience).

This morning respected entrepreneur Loic Le Meur blasted the PR industry wholesale and although there are some wild generalisations in his piece, much of what he says is fair comment.  And to round it off we have PR agencies sending 7MB attachments to journalists. 

It's just shoddy.  There's no excuse for any of this.  It's not brain surgery people, it's PR.  

Pr fail 

What’s makes a social media expert?

’nuff said.

Waiting for the invitation

It's like being a child again and waiting for a party invite from the most popular child in the class. 

I've submitted a panel suggestion for SXSWi.

Looking at the competition I think I stand a chance of roughly less than 0.1% but heh, who knows, if I'm lucky the system might break and I'll be allocated all of Peter Kim's votes.

Here are some of the ones I'll be voting for (although I've yet to wade through the 2000+ entries).

And er, of course, if you'd like to vote for mine, that'd be lovely :)
Social Media: Tools to show The Man that it works


Sxsw cartoon

Cartoon reproduced from ReadWriteWeb

5 ways to jump into online PR

Quite a few times over the last month I've been asked about how you 'do' online PR, or how you make a start.  There are many people much more qualified than me to do justice to that question but for now, here are my 5 starter tips.

  1. Set up google alerts for relevant terms (your own and client specific).
  2. Get into the habit of checking these and when you find a blog of particular interest, subscribe via an RSS reader.  I use Feedly but there are many others.
  3. If you're not already, get onto Twitter; important for three reasons, firstly because you need to use it to be able to explain to clients how it works, secondly because it's a great way to pick up on the latest developments in the world of online PR and thirdly because many journalists use it as a way to find stories.
  4. Set aside time to research the online environment for each of your clients because it will be different depending on sector.
  5. Play around with some of the free online monitoring tools, set up profiles for each of your clients.

But most importantly don't get so carried away with the great technology and tools that you forget about objectives.  Just because it's online, doesn't mean you should lose sight of what you're trying to achieve.