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She’s arrived

Much talk and chattering about the fact that @Oprah has arrived on Twitter.  Mostly there seems to be general snobbery and a feeling that she's going to 'spoil' it by introducing twitter to the mainstream (didn't we hear all that before when @wossy joined?).  What nonsense.  How can someone else joining Twitter possibly spoil it for those already there (apart from an increase in spammers but heh ho).  If you don't want to read their tweets, don't follow them.  There's even a site where you can prove to the world that you're so clued up that you were here before Oprah.  Oh dear.

The truth is that however much early adopters like to bleat on about how great Twitter is, really they want to keep it as a little, secret club.  I've been on Twitter since 2007 and yes it is slightly weird now that it's so mainstream but so what, that's the beauty of the digital world – things move fast, change and develop.  PR consultant Kami Huyse sums it up best with this tweet – I couldn't agree more.


It’s been a while

Another of those ubiquitous posts where blogger apologises for lack of posts, puts it down to pressure of work, time spent on Twitter etc.  Anyway, lots going on as always.  Particularly interesting:

  1. The launch of Twitter Partners was heralded with much excitement by the mainstream media. Most of the giddyness was down to the agency's incredibly well connected and influential backers but I'm still perplexed at how much attention it was given.  Companies that help brands or individuals engage on Twitter are hardly new.  Also interesting that it was initially linked to Twitter itself (adding credibility) but this was quickly denied on the official Twitter blog.
  2. The power of the digital network was demonstrated once again as Susan Boyle burst onto the radar via Britain's Got Talent.  Will it prove to be the most popular YouTube video ever?  Certainly Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's tweets about her demonstrate the incredible influence they have to direct traffic to specific content.  It's worth watching the video for the moment when you see the $$$ signs in Cowell's eyes.
  3. And finally a moan – I'm seeing more and more people moaning about ads on Spotify.  Come on people, get a grip, it's brilliant, it's dead easy to use and it's free, does the occasional ad really matter?