Watch your back Twitter……

This is no doubt number 68931 of many posts to come about Facebook's latest rejuvenation including real-time updates, filters and so on.  At first I thought, "oh come on, how lame, what an obvious imitation of the higher form that is Twitter".  But then I caught myself and got a grip.  The fact is that Twitter, while growing fast in popularity is still miles behind Facebook in terms of usage – both numbers and demographic.  Facebook has been widely adopted whereas Twitter still often feels like a tech/PR/social media echo chamber. 

Twitter is great, it's fast, responsive, feels like a real conversation but if you knew nothing about it, were completely plugged into Facebook and then you picked up the Facebook real time updates too – why would you bother with Twitter?  What more could it possibly give you?

Of course the Twitterstream was awash with chat about it tonight.  I had a brief conversation with Charles Arthur among others and this tweet exchange kind of sums up how I feel about it.

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