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Social media alchemy


I've been having lots of interesting conversations of late with folk from various PR agencies, all interested in understanding more about online PR and social media and how they can add it to their current offerings.  There are those who think they should be doing it but clearly wish they didn't have to and those that are genuinely interested in learning and developing their skillset, but they all have one thing in common: a fear that online PR and social media activity is a dark art, a secret mystical world where only a chosen few have the 'knowledge'.  Now while of course it's true that it takes time and hands on experience to build up an understanding of how to engage online, it's also not rocket science.  Don't waste time searching for the social media guru (there are only a handful of true trailblazers and you probably can't afford them) – instead follow some simple steps – Listen, Understand, Add Value, Have Empathy.  There is no quick fix – if you're successful at engaging offline, chances are you're the type of person who will quite happily get to grips with the world of social media.

*image courtesy of tao_zhyn

 *update – 16.02.09, I just stumbled across Jonathan Hopkins' latest post which says a similar thing but is much better articulated.  It's definitely worth a read.

Link love

  1. I've worked for myself for over seven years now and although generally I love it, sometimes it's very hard not to get distracted and waste time.  Particularly with time sinks like Twitter and FeedDemon.  Which is why this post on mashable; 7 Productivity Tips is particularly welcome.
  2. A succint and useful post 8 Essential Free Social Media Monitoring Tools is a must read.
  3. My second job in PR was at a fast paced agency in Manchester (what a baptism of fire that was) and from time to time you'd have the problem of a client falling out with the account handling team.  This post from Todd Defren makes a whole lot of sense and clients would do well to listen.
  4. Finally, as the 12th of February and Twestival gets ever closer, a timely reminder from Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water, why it's fantastic that so many people are getting  involved.    

Scott Harrison, Founder of charity: water – Thanks the Twestival from Phil Thomas Di Giulio on Vimeo.