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Credit were credit’s due

There has been lots of excitement over the new T-Mobile ad in which lots of people dance at Liverpool Street Station – how clever, how interesting, "golly can you imagine if that actually happened"…but no one seems to have pointed out the fact that it's not remotely an original idea – have a look at Improv Everywhere's brilliant Grand Central Station or Food Court Musical. Hmmm….OK so it's not exactly the same but you'd have thought the makers of the T-Mobile ad would have at least given a hat tip to the (to me) obvious source of their inspiration. 

Twestival Go!


Very excited about Twestival and in awe of @amanda and the twestival team for co-ordinating it all. At the time of writing there are over 80 cities registered to hold Twestivals.  I'm helping organise the Manchester Twestival @MancTwester (do you see what we did there?) and although it's scary given the frightening deadline, it also feels like a genuinely inspiring thing to be involved with and for an amazing cause.  Everyone has been so keen to help, it's fantastic.  Will be blogging our progress. You can follow us on Twitter @MancTwester

Excellent video

Just a quick one, thanks to the ever brilliant Shannon Paul’s blog, I came across this example of a fantastically executed yet simple little viral video which was created to help find new employees.

Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.
The explanation behind it all is here on Christopher Ming Ryan’s blog.

Who are you?

So it's common knowledge that Twitter helped Obama win the election, kept us up to bang date when terrorists attacked Mumbai, has 'officially' gone mainstream (The Daily Mail {sigh} now that's a whole other blog post) and can help you find a job but over the Christmas period something else struck me.  On Twitter a person's personality really shines through, I don't just mean what they do for a living, whether they're a coding nerd or a social media guru {sigh, again} but whether they're funny, grumpy, optimistic or a doomsayer.  It's 12 months since I've been following folk on Twitter and I could sum up so many of them in one or two sentences – not about what they do, but about what they're like and I guess that's the key as to why Twitter continues to gain users and momentum.  Providing you're not just using it as a way to pimp blog posts, it's pretty hard not to show your true self – 140 chars isn't enough to pretend to be something you're not (excluding joke or fake accounts and assuming you stick at it for a several months at least), sooner or later the real you comes out.  And that's why it works – it's truly an ongoing conversation during which you get to know someone. Oh and in my experience of meeting twitterers I follow in real life, they have all been just as they are online. 

Makes you think that Twitter would be great as a dating site….