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Some fantastic stuff around this week

  1. The brilliant Peter Kim has turned his list of social media marketing examples into a wiki, a great resource for anyone monitoring how businesses are using social media to connect with their customers. 
  2. Drew B from Hotwire posted on a subject that has real resonance with me – the difficulties of managing an every increasing email inbox.
  3. Forrester released a report which had the online community talking, the most frequently quoted statistic of which was the figure that only 16% of online consumers trust corporate blogs.  I don't think that means that the corporate blog is dead, just proves even more that if they're going to be valued they have to be open and honest.
  4. Once again Sally Whittle comes up trumps with what has to be the best blog post title ever, is there such a word as uberwank?
  5. E-consultancy have released a Online PR Benchmarking Report, which looks really informative.  I haven't had chance to read it properly but I will do over the weekend and will blog about it some more.  Praise should go to e-consultancy for this which is long overdue.  Why the heck aren't the CIPR doing something like this?
  6. And finally, if you want a simple explanation of what a blog is (for your mum or the MD that just doesn't get it), here it is from Meg Pickard.  One of my favourite blogs.

2 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Sally says:

    Ah, bless you Katie, it’s nice to know my extensive literary skills don’t go unnoticed…

  2. Katie – thanks for the nod to the online pr benchmarking report. Interested to get your thoughts when you have had a chance to read it properly.

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