Mad* mums and learning PR

Life has been crazy the last couple of weeks.  It's an on-going battle trying to get the work life balance right, especially when a) you have young children and b) the current economic climate makes it very difficult to turn down work – you never know what's around the next corner and all that. 
So in lieu of some wise and profound observation (I wish), just wanted to flag up, albeit a bit belatedly, a couple of things of interest.

1. Firstly, a cautionary tale for anyone that doubts the power of the social network and the speed at which things can go Very. Badly. Wrong.  Neville Hobson gives the best summary of the Motrin Mums meltdown.  Beware the power of Twitter….
2. Can you teach PR or is it something you learn on the job/are either good at or not?  Jed Hallam's question, is a PR degree worth it? has generated a really interesting debate.  As to my opinion – well I'd say it's like learning to drive, you pass your test and think you're skilled but it's only after doing it for a few years that you realise how naive/dangerous you actually were.

*ps, I mean mad as in angry not as in bonkers

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