Go Barack Go

There has been so much written about how BO and his campaign team have leveraged the power of social media – at the time of writing we don't yet know whether this is going to go down as an example of how or how not to do it.  But whatever the result, it really is infectious, exciting stuff and it's been great to watch.  Like the way his website has his social media profiles right on the home page, wondering how many approaches he gets from the dreaded recruitment consultants via LinkedIn but it's just fantastic that they've seen how it extends the reach of their campaign.

However, leaving aside BO, this election the internet has been flooded with blog posts, viral videos, jokes and much more.  The best of this mass of campaign related gunk is, in my (humble) opinion, this excellent video from the ever reliable Onion.

Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President

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