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Things I’m loving this week

  1. The fantastic videos from Network Solutions video conference.  What I like about these are the soundbite format and the fact that they offer great, practical advice about how SMEs and smaller businesses can engage with customers online.
  2. The online PR wallchart post from E-consultancy.  Neatly brings into focus the crossover between online PR and SEO.
  3. My new iPhone – I know, I'm late to it but I do love it.
  4. The ridiculous Ross/Brand debacle and what it tells us about a) our society and b) our news agenda.
  5. The Cove 2, a thing of beauty and (in this weather) the best item I've ever bought.

Link love

Some excellent stuff to start off the week,

  1. Shannon Paul's 'How would you teach social media?' I particularly like her comments about social media echo chamber.
  2. "I can let you in but can you sort of crouch down"  an example of the fact that ridiculous notions to do with formal dress equating to a person's 'standing' are (unfortunately) alive and well.  Sally's writing had me laughing out loud here.
  3. Even Britney's twittering now, except I have a teeny suspicion that it's not like actually her…
  4. A couple of weeks ago I asked (via Twitter) fellow long commuters Wadds and Becky what kit they see as essential for journeying between office and home.  Interesting replies here and here.
  5. And back on one of my favourite topics, I like this post from Rohit Bhargava called 'The softer side of social media measurement'.

A bad day and a good meme

Sheesh, yesterday really was one of those days when you want to go and lock yourself in a dark, padded cell.  Meetings dragging on when I was supposed to be somewhere else, CEO client (who never normally knows I exist) couldn't get hold of me when he urgently needed to and then to cap it all, the developers for a web project I'm working on dropped the news that both the server and the back up server had died and possibly taken a whole lot of work with it.  Oh and then my 7 year old threw up on me (think Steve Martin in Parenthood).  Still today is a whole new day, server is fixed, 7 year old is fixed and I've a three for three meme from Becky McMichael. So here goes:

Top Three non-work websites

1. metcheck  (I blame my dad, I'm a weather obsessive)
2. etsy
3. mumsnet

Top Three Karaoke Songs

1. Say Hello Wave Goodbye – Soft Cell

2. House of the Rising Sun – Animals

3. Ain't Nobody – Chaka Khan

Top Three Weekend Cocktails

1. Gin and Tonic (does that count as a cocktail?)

2. Cosmopolitan

3. Mojito

And the three people I choose to pass it on to are

1. Paul Fabretti

2. Robin Wilson

3. BritneyofArabia

5 truths about being a freelancer


1. Most people think life as a freelancer is one long jolly – "what you work for yourself? do you get take lots of time off then?"

2. You might have been working 20 hour days for one client trying to finish a project but you have to hide this fact from other clients.  It's a bit like having a dirty secret – clients know that you work for other people but they don't want to be reminded of the fact.

3. There is no place to hide.  The buck stops with you so you have to do a good job or it shows.

4. It's very dull handling all the accounts.

5. It gives you an insight into the human condition.  OK this is a bit over the top, but the point is that being in and out of various different work places means you understand all the different 'types' of working environment from the trendy agency where everyone is out to be seen to be doing 'cool stuff' to the blame culture of some of the bigger companies, where everyone is scared of making a decision for fear of it coming back to haunt them. 

Overall – I'm glad it just me, myself and I.

image courtesy of Saital – Creative Commons license

Stuck record

I know, I know, it's becoming rather repetitive but I'm back on my current topic of interest – measuring social media.  Anyway, this time it's much quicker because of this rather great post from Robin Wilson. Particularly like the first three paragraphs which kind of sums up where I'm at too. 
Also, I'm about to start a trial of Radian6 so will blog next week about how I find it.

Where’s the party?

Love this (with a hat tip to Jonathan Hopkins).