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Two great links

From the Bad Pitch Blog – which is in itself worth a look, come five really good links with tips on how to improve writing skills.

And from social media guru Chris Brogan, 50 Ideas on using Twitter for Business.  Excellent.

The next big thing….

It really is hard to keep track of online developments these days.  So much being developed, some of which will, no doubt, fall by the wayside and some of which will be the next Google/Twitter/Facebook.  So how about Blip, Shozu and Pingme?
Blip is a bit like Twitter but with music, Becky McMichael's description is good and I'm sure I can't do better so with a nod to Becky, Blip is, "A music sharing site where you post short messages (like tweets…but
called blips) with a track attached. The timeline builds up a story
accompanied by music documenting your friends’ day. You play the
timeline and have music on all day selected by your friends."
I like it, it's fun, finding it hard to see brand applications for it but hey, don't they say that about everything at first.
ShoZu is a neat little app that allows you to automatically upload photos from your phone to your social networks, Flickr, Facebook etc, you can also download your friends feeds.
And, shock horror, Pingme is nothing to do with social media but if you spend your life trying to keep track of Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Pownce (are you losing the will to live yet?) then Pingme will help you ensure you don't miss the rest of your life while you're doing it.  It's a bit like tasks in MS office but more mobile and the great thing is that you can choose how to be reminded – via email, phone or a tweet. 

Blog made beautiful

I love Wordle
No real point to it but who cares, it a neat little app.  I ran the blog through it and this is what it came up with

Deported for filming in China

And while we’re all still reeling from the epic opening ceremony, there are still plenty of tales to carry on the debate as to whether China should even be hosting the Olympics.  Blogger and Twitter devotee noneck has been deported for filming protesters in tiananmen square and posting the video on qik. 

10 Useful posts about social media

Cripes, so long since I posted on the blog.  Life so easily takes over, what with work, kids, wedding planning etc.  Anyway, Chris Brogan is a man who knows a thing or two about social media, his site is really useful if you’re looking for thoughts about social media along with some good solid advice.  One of his most recent posts, My Best Advice About Social Media is perfect if you’re looking for a starting point on how different sectors and industries are using social media.  Posts like this are particularly of interest for me at the moment as I’m currently embarked on some reseach to try and find examples of how social media has been used, with positive results, by B2B organisations.  It’s relatively straightforward to find B2C examples but less clear how social media can help those that operate in the B2B field.