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It’s as simple as XYZ

Do you know your generation Xs from your generation Ys?  If not then you should read this post from Pudding Relations blog.  Referring to an article that first appeared on it explains how Generation Ys (18- to 28-year-olds that are particularly internet savvy – in case you were wondering) are setting the agenda when it comes to how technology will be used in the future. There are some interesting implications both for companies and for what it means to PR.

The best headline ever

Well it is isn’t it.

The other side of the fence

I currently have over 40 blogs in my RSS feeder and sometimes, no matter how interesting they look, it’s just impossible to read all the posts.  But one blog I always read is Sally Whittle’s fantastic Getting Ink, it’s well written, informative and thought provoking.  Sally is a journalist that doesn’t mince her words, particularly about some of the less than impressive examples of PR and quite right too.  Which is why it’s quite interesting to see her latest post about why she’s not cut out for PR.  How many journalists would have the honesty to admit that sometimes, in their dealings with PRs, journalists aren’t as professional as they could or should be.

Levi’s on a high

Levi’s has been seeding a series of videos online.  I particularly like this one. Great examples of what can be done if you have budget and creativity.

If you have kids…

It’s not PR or marketing or anything to do with digital but I couldn’t let this one pass.  If you have kids you’ll appreciate this list.