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No email? how refreshing.

Since the development of email it seems that we’ve all started to rely on it more and more and certainly at the expense of {shock horror} an actual conversation.  So I was really interested to read this article about how the author has pretty much stopped using email.  Due to the nature of his job and working situation, he’s in a slightly different position to many of us and for PR consultants I just don’t see how it would be feasible – many journalists state categorically that, at least in the first instance, they prefer to receive information this way, but it’s a timely reminder that it’s very easy to let email take over as the sole form of communication.

“I want one of those blog thingys”

Love this post from the excellent Paul Gillin.  So many companies are ‘experimenting’ with social media – blogs, facebook entries etc but without any real objective. They wouldn’t do the same offline so why should it be any different with social media? 

Note: if you’re looking for an introduction to social media, I really recommend Gillin’s book The New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to the New Social Media.

Dancing Matt

Oh I know that dancing matt is nothing new but hey, I defy anyone to watch this video and not smile.  What a great way to spend your time. 

Porter Novelli’s ‘How To’ blog

I really like PR agency Porter Novelli’s blog which is, in their words, "a simple introduction to Online Public Relations".  It’s neat and I think clients would find it very useful.  But it seems odd that there is no link to it from their main website.  Surely the whole point of a blog like that is to mark you out as experts in a particular field; if potential customers are visiting your website and leaving without ever knowing you have a blog then surely it’s a wasted opportunity?

Come back Peter and Jane

Had to mention the ladybird prints website, what a trip down memory lane.  Life was all good wasn’t it?  And aside from wanting to buy lots of the prints, I’d love a copy of this book.

PR and the bad pitch…why, oh why?

I’ve worked in PR for nearly 10 years now and I still never cease to be amazed at the continuing number of complaints from journalists about shoddy PR practice.  It’s just so unnecessary (the crappy PRs not the complaints).  Some of them begger belief, I mean it’s just inconceivable to me that someone with even a modicum of intelligence would write “Apologies if this story is not of relevance to you”, in an email to a journalist or blogger.  And this, I mean come on, are client really being charged for this kind of nonsense?

B2B and Social Media…any use?

I’m pretty interested in social media and try, as far as possible, to keep up to date with latest developments and how companies are benefiting from Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc (to infinity).  But it does appearthat 99% of the commentary out there is all about B2C.  A couple of months ago I spent forever trying to find examples of decent B2B blogs without much success and yet surely there must be some pioneers in this field.  Anyway, it’s for this reason that I found this article from B2B Marketing magazine quite interesting.

Online marketing tips

The number of blog posts giving advice about online marketing must grow by thousands every day.  Often they don’t have much of use to say.  But this post  from Online Marketing Blog is very useful, it sums up the key points very succinctly.  Particularly agree with the advice to build online relationships gradually and be patient (something I’m not renowned for).


Before you hit Send…

Read Seth’s good advice.  Actually I quite fancy a few weeks where everyone has no email.  I have a sneaky feeling that it might make life less stressful.  I remember (only 10 years ago) when I worked in an agency that had one machine "connected to the internet", twas truly exciting. 

Plebble….I really hope this takes off

Plebble is a new site that aims to make customer service really matter.  Put simply, we  all go on a rate our customer experience of whichever business we like and they will collate all the ratings and provide lists of best performers and worst performers.  Having received the most utterly appalling treatment by BT last year (I still shudder when I think about it), it is very gratifying to see that they are so high up in the worst performers list although I do suspect that the reason companies like this continue to be so crap when it comes to customer service is precisely because they ignore feedback like this and carry on their merry way.  I did notice on my latest BT bill that they won a ‘Company of the Year’ award last year, I mean really, who were the judges?!

Anyway, let’s hope Plebble makes them sit up and take notice, it’s not a new idea as such by very neatly executed.